Six Degrees Business Networking


How our networking group works for our members.

Here are a number of testimonials from our members:

Alan Soucy Home Improvement

Allen Grover, Weichert Realtors, The Zubretsky Group

Bill Hawthorne, Better Marketing, Inc.

Greg Godston, Ultimate Automotive and Truck

Keith Molnar, Artistic Plumbing


Hollis Internet Marketing, LLC

Hollis Internet Marketing, LLC, Marketing for a new Millenium

I received several referrals for work right away, within one month of joining the Six Degrees Newtorking Group. I find that the members do more than just meet on Wednesdays, they actively listen and carefully consider how they can help your business, knowing that the synergy of the group will help all member businesses succeed.

Kelley Carpentry

My carpentry and home improvement business has continued strong right through the recession and is really booming now, thanks to Six Degrees Business Networking and the word-of-mouth buzz that it generates. This group acts like my own sales force, always on the lookout for that next new business opportunity. We get to know each other and our businesses well so that leads are not just slips of paper in a basket, but good quality, screened prospects ready to buy.

Steven G. Ginelewicz,

New England Financial A MetLife Company

One intangible aspect of our group which I feel is priceless is how much I have grown from listening to what other members have to say and how they run their businesses. We all come from very diverse backgrounds I can not begin to tell future members how much I have learned from other members. Come and see for yourself.

Scott Lowe, Account Executive, Sprint


Since joining 6 Degrees Business Networking back in July, I have gained a tremendous amount of business knowledge, thanks to the members of this group. I have been in the wireless industry for 16 years, and can talk my business language with much fluidity and confidence. Now, thanks to the knowledge base of these members, I have been able to talk their language and integrate that into my customer conversations. While the leads generated from this group have been fantastic, I get even more from gaining information about the other members business. I have also, many times, called on my fellow members for advice before calling on certain vertical markets or target customers.

Greg Godston, President,
Ultimate Auto, Truck and Equipment

Ultimate Auto, Truck and Equipment

I have been a member of Six Degrees Business Networking for over 7 years now. When I was first invited to a meeting by Skip Comstock I truly wasn't sure what to expect. I was never very comfortable speaking in front of a group of people and I knew this venue would expect it. They were very inviting and made it easy. It has become my training ground for selling and speaking to groups of people. For that alone joining was well worth it!
The amount of referred business I have received over the years is hard to convey. Six Degrees Business Marketing has without any doubt been some of the best marketing money I have ever spent. I intend to be an active member for as long as I can work.

Ric Valliere

Alpha Financial Group, LLC Certified Public Accountants & Financial Consultants

Six Degrees has been part of my marketing plan since 1999. I have not only met new associates, colleagues, and friends through the group, it has also provided me with some very credible referrals and ultimately some very long-standing clients. The other benefit of the group is the knowledge we gain from learning about all different kinds of businesses. My business interactions with others has taken much more depth because of my relationships with the members of Six Degrees.

Allen Grover, Realtor, Recruiter and Coach

Weichrt Realtors The Zubretsky Group

I have been a member of Six Degrees Business Networking in Rocky Hill for several years now and I have to say it is the most benneficial networking group in the area. My Broker is continually amazed at the influence this group has on my business. The professionals running this group have been a major reason why I have maintained a solid real estate business even when all my competitors have been suffering. They help me develop leads via referrals and even develop ideas of how to connect with additional clients. The professionals have also educated me about their businesses which help me save money in all aspects of my life such as, mortgages, insurance, taxes, auto repairs, housing repairs, energy efficiency, house cleaning, investing, marketing, floral gift purchases and much much more. If you have never seen the benefits of belonging to a producting networking group, I highly recommend you visit Six Degrees Business Networking in Rocky Hill.

SixDegrees is expanding!

We are currently seeking members from the following occupations:

Business/Life Coach, Business Attorney, Caterer, Divorce Attorney, Home Inspector, Interior Decorator/Designer, Landscaper, Landscape Architect, Massage Therapist, Personal Injury Attorney, Personal Trainer, Photographer, Recruiter, HVAC, Information Technology Expert

Six Degree members were "heartfully" thanked by the Human Services Director of Rocky Hill, for there generous donation of $500 to the food pantry. In addition to the donation, members delivered bags of non-perishable food. In tough economic times, the members rallied to support our struggling neighbors!